NEW! Mahjong Tile Needleminder
NEW! Mahjong Tile Needleminder

NEW! Mahjong Tile Needleminder

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Don’t lose your needle! Whether you needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroider or quilt, a needle minder is your best friend. 

Enjoy your stitching experience with a beautiful  needleminder crafted of high quality materials. It has a great hold on your needles. Includes two rare earth magnets! To use, place the needle minder on top of your canvas and secure it from underneath with the second magnet. 

This is an authentic mahjong tile used in travel sets. The thin profile is made for easy and compact transport of a travel mahjong set. And, the thin tile makes it ideal for a needleminder as the super strong magnets will grab needles with ease  

A needleminder is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Due to the magnets, needleminders must be kept away from anyone with a pacemaker, and caution should be used near any medical devices.  

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