Custom Grandparent Ornament BLUE
Custom Grandparent Ornament BLUE

Custom Grandparent Ornament BLUE

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Stitch a sweet reminder of your special grandparent! 
Today’s grandparents go by many different fun names of endearment from Nana & Pop to Mimi, Nono, Gigi and more! 

Choose your preferred background color - each has a separate product listing. 

Choose from the names listed. If you want a name that is not on the list, you can contact us via email or direct message to specify the name you would like, no longer than 7 letters. 

Handpainted on 13 mesh mono deluxe canvas. 
Finish as an ornament, a magnet or anything you can imagine. 

Includes one Bohin needle and one free needleminder selected at random. NO THREADS. 


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