LOVE Stamp Needleminder

LOVE Stamp Needleminder

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This is a special, limited edition needleminder featuring the original LOVE stamp issued in 1973 with iconic artwork done by Robert Indiana. Original, unused stamps have been carefully adhered to a paper backing and sealed in a 2.25” button. 

Don’t lose your needle! Whether you needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroider or quilt, a needle minder is your best friend. 

Enjoy your stitching experience with a beautiful  needleminder crafted of high quality materials. It has a great hold on your needles. Includes two rare earth magnets! To use, place the needle minder on top of your canvas and secure it from underneath with the second magnet. 

A needleminder is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Due to the magnets, needleminders must be kept away from anyone with a pacemaker, and caution should be used near any medical devices.